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SEO Key Metrics and Factors for implementing a SEO quick check tool

In case you are searching for ways on how to implement a simple but useful SEO quick check tool here are some tips on the key metrics and factors required to get you started. The SEO quick check tool itself is based on PHP to provide a proof of concept that can be easily adapted […]

WCAG 2.0 – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

When designing web sites and portals make sure to also address general accessibility issues governed for instance by the WCAG 2.0 – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. WCAG 2.0 – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Basically, the WCAG is composed of three priority levels: Level A (beginner), Level AA (intermediate) Level AAA (advanced) Each level adds additional requirements concerning […]

Good Bye HTML5 – Welcome HTML5.1!

As you might have already heard the W3C has finally officially published a recommendation for the (15 years old) HTML5 standard. In fact, HTML 5.0 has (co-)existed for quite some time now. Numerous frameworks implemented HTML5 features long before the official recommendation (as usual). And be honest, who hasn’t used at least some of the […]