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Bugfix for urbanairship-java SDK Connection Still Allocated

Apart from another bug reported in https://www.kerstner.at/en/2012/12/bugfix-for-urbanairship-java-sdk-jsonparseexception/ there also exists a bug related to the internal use of BasicClientConnManager for sending HTTP requests. The Cause When trying to send multiple HTTP requests using sullis urbanairship-java SDK (occasionally) an IllegalStateException is thrown. This is caused due to the fact that the version does not release open […]

Bugfix für urbanairship-java SDK JsonParseExceptionBugfix for urbanairship-java SDK JsonParseException

There (still) exists a bug in urbanairship-java SDK related to parsing valid ISO8601 dates. The original bug report can be found here: GSon date parsing error. The Cause ISO8601 states that for date-time strings the separator “T” can be left out. Unfortunately the urbanairship-java SDK expects only fully qualified ISO8601 strings. Thus, when it receives […]