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WordPress Simple Latest Posts Shortcode Plugin

Although there exist numerous WordPress plugins for integrating the latest posts into pages this new Simple Latest Posts Shortcode Plugin was created to specifically serve those people who just want to have a single line of shortcode in order to display the latest posts in their blog. Nothing more, nothing less. And yes, there also will […]

Enabling Cross-Origin Resource Sharing CORS for Apache

When trying to share resources across different domains (host-a.com vs. host-b.com) you will come across the concept of Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS). In order to be able to share resources across different domains you will most likely need to enable to CORS manually on your server. For instance, when a script on host-a.com tries to […]

Simple Random Posts Shortcode WordPress Plugin

A simple but effective WordPress plugin to render random blog posts in pages and/or posts. This is the first public release and features the following shortcode options to customize the rendering process: header: whether to output header text (default=) show_featured_image: whether to output featured post image (default=TRUE) featured_image_height: height of featured image in px (default=100) […]