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Run Magento Data Flow Profile from shell

Running Magento data flow profiles for importing/exporting data is quite resource intensive and can take a while to execute for larger junks¬†of data. Although there exist alternative ways to import/export data in Magento¬†sometimes existing data flow profiles can’t be replaced just yet. Below you find a shell script to run...

Determine last day of month using Bash script 2

Determine last day of month using Bash script

Oftentimes software systems need to carry out tasks on a regular basis at a given time, such as archiving log files or sending out newsletters. Normally cron is able to handle all kinds of time-based setups (daily, monthly, etc.) but what if you want to execute tasks on the last...

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Print list of folders sorted by their size

In order to print a list of folders and files sorted according to their size you only need two built-in UNIX commands, put together using the pipe (“|”): du sort Whereas du gives you the storage space occupied by certain files and folders, sort actually sorts the resulting list. Using...