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Setting Custom Portlet Titles in Liferay

Setting custom portlet titles in Liferay can be a little tricky. Changing the title via the portlet configuration in the frontend is easy but when it comes to reading the custom title property programmatically things seem to get a little messy. Setting the Title So, first of set your portlet...

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Determine Portlet URL in Liferay

Since Liferay has a helper class for almost everything but finding the correct one sometimes costs more time than expected here is how you determine a portlet’s current URL: Hopefully this saves you some time 🙂

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Determine Path to Portlet Assets in Liferay JSP Files

When developing the front end (i.e. templates and JSP files) for portlets you will definitely at some want to include/reference custom assets, such as images. Luckily, in Liferay in order to determine the path to your portlet’s assets you only need to follow two steps. In your view.jsp (or any...