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jQuery Lights out Plugin

In current times, saving energy in all its variants is becoming more and more important each day. When it comes to websites one simple way to save energy is to dim the display when idle. Both Interact has released a simple yet versatile cross-browser jQuery lights out plugin. In order...

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Adding advanced formatting to Harshen’s jQuery countdown timer plugin

Harshen’s jQuery countdown timer plugin works great and is simple to use. In a recent project we needed to use special formatting for the countdown timer to be implemented. Although, Harshen’s solution offer to timeSeparator option to specify the separator string to be used this was not flexible enough. The...

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jQuery Multi File Upload

A couple of days ago I accidently discovered https://blueimp.net/‘s jQuery File Upload. Update Finally I found some time to post back on jQuery File Upload. As of this writing I have successfully integrated blueimp’s jQuery multi file uploader plugin into a Zend-based web application. The plugin has proven to be...