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Linking JIRA to GitHub to streamline agile workflow

In order to automatically track and link the progress of your JIRA issues based on your developers’ commits in your Github repositories make sure to checkout the JIRA DVCS connector addon. It only takes a few simple steps to link your JIRA projects to your GitHub repositories to streamline your...

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Adding advanced formatting to Harshen’s jQuery countdown timer plugin

Harshen’s jQuery countdown timer plugin works great and is simple to use. In a recent project we needed to use special formatting for the countdown timer to be implemented. Although, Harshen’s solution offer to timeSeparator option to specify the separator string to be used this was not flexible enough. The...

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Using multiple SSH Keypairs for Git

When using multiple (GIT) services and repositories from different provider you are very likely to also use different sets of SSH keypairs. At first managing multiple keypairs might sound a little complicated but it is in fact quite easy. Let’s say you have three keypairs for three different GIT services:...