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Enable command and branch name autocompletion for GIT

When working in GIT based software projects that have a broad range of GIT branches the need for autocompletion of these branch names and GIT commands in general in the shell is one of the first tasks you want to setup for your developers (and yourself ;). After all it’s all about...

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Custom build script for GIT based projects

When managing smaller GIT based projects I find it helpful to opt for custom build scripts rather than having to deal with the overhead of setting up proper Jenkins (or-likewise) runtime environments. In order to deal with this need I’ve created a simple build script that creates a compressed TAR...

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Using multiple SSH Keypairs for Git

When using multiple (GIT) services and repositories from different provider you are very likely to also use different sets of SSH keypairs. At first managing multiple keypairs might sound a little complicated but it is in fact quite easy. Let’s say you have three keypairs for three different GIT services:...