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Setting Custom Timezones in Liferay

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By default Liferay uses UTC as timezone. In order to set custom timezones you may choose from the following options:

  1. Create an EXT-Plugin
  2. Specify timezone in Tomcat’s setenv script


Create an EXT-plugin (or use your existing one) and put in extyour-extdocrootWEB-INFext-implsrc using the following setting:


Be sure the deploy and restart Tomcat afterwards. Also, check via the Control Panel in Server Administration / System properies that the timezone attribute has been applied correctly.

Setenv Script

The other option is to set your desired timezone in Tomcat’s setenv script located in tomcat/bin by using the following command:


Depending on your operating system you will need to configure setenv.bat (Windows) or

Liferay Developer Studio

If you happen to use Liferay Developer Studio you can easily set your desired timezone using the server properties, as shown below: