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PHP Mailing List – Version 3.2.0 released

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Today, version 3.2.0 of PHP Mailing List was released.

Version 3.2.0 of PHP Mailing List is a feature release that was focused on further improving existing anti-spam measures and the usability in the admin interface concerning re-sending membership invitations to pending members.

Short URLs using Google URL shortener API

Since a couple of users reported problems when sending mails to Microsoft based mail services, such as and, PHP Mailing List now offers the possibility to automatically shorten action URLs using the Google URL shortener API.

Thus, when activating the URL shortener feature PHP Mailing List will automatically shorten reply-to and authorization links. This way URLs generated by PHP Mailing List will not look as “spammy” as they might do now, especially when using the Google event tracking feature introduced in version 2.0.0.

So, in case you suffer from Microsoft related bounce messages such as

Connected to but sender was rejected.
Remote host said: 550 SC-001 (BAY004-MC3F36) Unfortunately, messages from x.x.x.x weren't sent. Please contact your Internet service provider since part of their network is on our block list. You can also refer your provider to

make sure to activate to URL shortener feature in PHP Mailing List and re-check your sender score and check for possible listings in various blacklists.

Re-send membership invitation to pending members

In addition, due to numerous requests it is now also possible to re-send membership invitations to already pending members. Simply open up the admin interface and hit the re-send link in the pending invitations screen.

Download PHP Mailing List 3.2.0

As always, feel free to download the latest version of PHP Mailing List via GitHub. Comments and questions are welcome.