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Customizing Date Format in JIRA

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Sometimes you might want (or need) to change the default date-time format set in JIRA. Out of the box the format is set to d/MMM/yy, which translates to for instance 1/Jan/13.

Luckily, this setting can be easily edited through the administration interface under System » General Configuration » Advanced (scroll down the General Configuration page), as shown below:

JIRA -> General Configuration -> Advanced

In order to change the format for dates and date-times you need to look for four options:

JIRA Datetime Format Options

Whereas* takes care of settings the format used for date strings,* sets the desired date-time format. Furthermore, there are two options for each of these settings, one for the client side datepicker (*.javascript.format) and the other for the JAVA formatter (*.java.format).

Matching Formats

Be aware of the fact that changing the way dates and datetime strings are display on the client side must conform to the format used on the server side, i.e. the server must be able to interpret the dates posted. Thus, it is required that the JavaScript and JAVA formats specified in the configuration match.

In case your settings do not match you will get an error such as “Please enter the date in the format “d/MMM/yy” when trying to save dates using the date picker.

Possible combinations for these format specifications can be found on Atlassian’s Configuring date picker formats page.

Look and Feel

Optionally. you can edit the way dates and datetime are displayed to users through the Look and Feel section in the administration interface (System » User Interface » Look and Feel):

JIRA Look and Feel Date Time Formats