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WordPress Plugin for checking Compatibility prior to Upgrade

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Like with every good piece of software updates and upgrades are mandatory to keep up-to-date with the latest features and security fixes. Since WordPress offers a vast range of plugins to extend its core functionality these plugins should be kept up-to-date too. Now, to be able to use these plugins after a WordPress upgrade it is important to carry out prior compatibility checks not to break any existing functionality.

Especially if you have numerous plugins installed this check can be time consuming. Thus, it would be nice to have another plugins doing exactly these checks in advance – that’s where Better Plugin Compatibility Control (BPCC) comes into play. BPCC nicely formats the list of currently installed plugins and provides information on the compatibility.

Another useful plugin when it comes to updates and upgrades is Changelogger. This handy plugin saves you some time by displaying changelogs messages for each plugin in the list view.

Using these two plugins managing WordPress upgrades and plugin updates has become much more comfortable and easier.