Monthly Archive: February 2011

Dynamic Website Template 0

Dynamic Website Template

A simple template-based script for dynamic websites written in PHP. Download: N/A Installation Unpack the zip file in your webserver directory (eg. /home/you/www/) Edit config.php to your needs. Copy all your content files (files...

Remote Task Notifier 0

Remote Task Notifier

Introduction RTN is a web-based client-server application used to “remotely” notify users of  new tasks. The client sends an update request to the server to fetch available notifications. Once fetched, these notifications are queued...

PHP Mailing List 6

PHP Mailing List

A simple mailing list manager written in PHP. Using PHP Mailing List you can easily set up mailing lists with unlimited number of users. Messages can be sent using the web interface and will...

Email To SMS Gateway 0

Email To SMS Gateway

Einführung EmailToSMS-Gateway ist ein Dienst zum Versenden von SMS via Email. Sie können damit von Ihrem Standard Emailprogramm bequem und einfach SMS verschicken ohne dafür zusätzliche Client-Software zu benötigen. Verwendung Um SMS mittels EmailToSMS-Gateway...

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A highly efficient collection of text manipulation functions written in C++ based on the .Net framework. It has been developed as an additional tool in the course of my master thesis at the Graz...

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Cost Accounting Formulary

This document represents a formulary for the lecture “Cost Accounting” held at the Graz University of Technology. Download: Kostenrechnung_Formelsammlung_Kerstner_2009.pdf

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Software Test Effort Estimation Methods

This paper discusses current software test effort estimation methods, in particular “function point analysis”, “test point analysis” and “use case points”. Abstract Especially in the field of software engineering, effort estimation plays an essential...