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Setting up OpenVPN on Tomato firmware for WRT54GL and configure for Tunnelblick client

Setting up OpenVPN on a Tomato based router (e.g. WRT54GL) is actually pretty easy once you know the steps involved in generating the required server and client certificates. First, let’s download easy-rsa from Github, which makes the process of generating the required artefacts a lot easier and start with the...

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Customizing Date Format in JIRA

Sometimes you might want (or need) to change the default date-time format set in JIRA. Out of the box the format is set to d/MMM/yy, which translates to for instance 1/Jan/13. Luckily, this setting can be easily edited through the administration interface under System » General Configuration » Advanced (scroll...

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A highly efficient collection of text manipulation functions written in C++ based on the .Net framework. It has been developed as an additional tool in the course of my master thesis at the Graz University of Technology. You can specify an arbitrary amount of source text (.txt) files to work...