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WCAG 2.0 – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

When designing web sites and portals make sure to also address general accessibility issues governed for instance by the WCAG 2.0 – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. WCAG 2.0 – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Basically, the WCAG is composed of three priority levels: Level A (beginner), Level AA (intermediate) Level AAA (advanced) Each level adds additional requirements concerning […]

WordPress Rating-Widget shows blank reporting graph when using SSL

By default, the free version of the WordPress Rating-Widget does not officially “support” SSL/https setups. In reality, there are no problems using it on SSL setups except when it comes to the reporting graph which is loaded via a http connection set in the configuration, thus causing CORS to kick and prohibit non-safe external requests: […]

Setting up OpenVPN on Tomato firmware for WRT54GL and configure for Tunnelblick client

Setting up OpenVPN on a Tomato based router (e.g. WRT54GL) is actually pretty easy once you know the steps involved in generating the required server and client certificates. First, let’s download easy-rsa from Github, which makes the process of generating the required artefacts a lot easier and start with the server setup. Once we have […]

FIPS-10 auf ISO-3166 Ländercode UmwandlungstabelleFIPS-10 to ISO-3166 Country Codes Conversion table

The following represents a (complete) conversion list of FIPS-10 to ISO-3166 country codes. It is based upon I have removed identical codes and updated some relations. In case you find an error please leave a comment. AG => DZ, AQ => AS, AN => AD, AV => AI, AY => AQ, AC => AG, […]