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Avoid Duplicate Content by enforcing trailing slash in URLs

Most of┬átoday’s popular Content Management Systems (CMS) support the option to use Search Engine Friendly URLs (SEF URLs). This option is either provided by using permalink structures or simply by deploying dynamic URL rewrites based on pre-defined URL schemas (which the aforementioned permalink structures basically are anyway). Let’s take WordPress...

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Sample SEO Magento robots.txt file

Since I get a lot of requests for a robots.txt file designed for Magento SEO┬áhere is a sample to get you started. This Magento robots.txt makes the following assumptions: We don’t differentiate between search engines, hence User-agent: * We allow assets to be crawled i.e. images, CSS and JavaScript files...

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Google mobile search update

Today, Google has released its newest search algorithm update for mobile search results. It is specifically targeted at displaying mobile-friendly website results in favor on non-mobile versions. In the first phase of this update the focus lies in searches conducted on smartphones only, tablets and other mobile devices are not...