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Avoid Duplicate Content by enforcing trailing slash in URLs

Most of today’s popular Content Management Systems (CMS) support the option to use Search Engine Friendly URLs (SEF URLs). This option is either provided by using permalink structures or simply by deploying dynamic URL rewrites based on pre-defined URL schemas (which the aforementioned permalink structures basically are anyway). Let’s take WordPress or TYPO3 for instance. Both […]

Enable command and branch name autocompletion for GIT

When working in GIT based software projects that have a broad range of GIT branches the need for autocompletion of these branch names and GIT commands in general in the shell is one of the first tasks you want to setup for your developers (and yourself ;). After all it’s all about removing impediments to get highly […]

How to access loop counters in Smarty

Sometimes Smarty’s syntax is not quite self-explanatory. Recently I was asked how loop counters can be implemented for foreach-loops. According to the API docs there’s an @iteration directive for this case, such that the following should work: Unfortunately, the value remained 0 regardless of the current loop iteration. Another (working) approach is to specify a […]

Problem activating Wireless USB adapter (WN727N) under Windows 7 64bit

Recently I ran into the problem of setting up a Wireless USB adapter (TP-Link WN727N V3) under Windows 7 x64. Although the driver installation went smoothly it failed to activate. Running the built-in diagnostics tool revealed that the driver (netr28ux.sys) failed to bind the IP stack. Luckily I remembered that I’ve had a similiar problem […]

Space instead of Backspace in Cygwin Bash Problem

Recently I’ve experienced a weird behavior in a Cygwin installation on Windows 7. When pressing the backspace key Cygwin falsly interpreted it as a space. Luckily, the problem is rather easy to fix. The easiest way (which did not work everytime while testing) is to simply reinstall terminfo and termcap via setup.exe, as mentioned here: […]

Auto Mount TrueCrypt Drives on Windows Boot

Update: Please do not use TrueCrypt anymore. Development of TrueCrypt was discontinued a while ago due to numerous security flaws detected in the core part. In fact, TrueCrypt is not secure and you should switch as soon as possible. Luckily, there are a couple of viable alternative solutions available. Thanks to Comparitech for the heads-up on […]

Converting POSIX Paths in Cygwin to Windows Format

Unfortunately, Windows programs do not understand POSIX pathnames, such as the ones produced by Cygwin, e.g. “/cygdrive/c/some_folder”. Consequently you will run into problems when trying to call Windows applications from within Cygwin, or even when supplying POSIX pathnames to these programs as parameter. Fortunately, there is an easy way to convert between POSIX pathnames and […]

Error loading Python DLL: python27.dll (error code 193)

Recently I needed to run a Python based application on Windows 7 x64 with Python 2.7.3 64-bit already installed. Unfortunately, the target application did not start, instead the following error was displayed: One might now think that python27.dll simply could not be found by the target application. But the error code says differently. Error code […]

Solving error “interactive login denied” in Microsoft Virtual PC running in Windows XP Mode

If you receive the error “The local security policy does not allow you to log in interactively” when trying to login to a virtual machine instance in Microsoft Virtual PC running in Windows XP mode you simply need to add the target user to the remote desktop user group on the virtual machine instance. Also, […]