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E-Learning Standards – Critical and Practical Perspectives

The following PDF represents my master’s thesis written in the course of my master studies  “Software Development and Business Management” at the Graz University of Technology. Abstract Due to rapid technological advances in the past decade, e-learning has experienced substantial growth. Especially bigger, training intensive companies have recognized the potential...

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Cost Accounting Formulary

This document represents a formulary for the lecture “Cost Accounting” held at the Graz University of Technology. Download: Kostenrechnung_Formelsammlung_Kerstner_2009.pdf

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J2ME’s Communication Facilities in Theory and Practice

This paper discusses communication facilities provided by Java’s Micro Edition (J2ME) in theory and practice. Abstract: JavaTM has become a very powerful platform-independent programming language. Java Micro Edition (J2ME) is finally a version that offers a small enough footprint able to run on very resource limited mobile devices, such as...

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Software Test Effort Estimation Methods

This paper discusses current software test effort estimation methods, in particular “function point analysis”, “test point analysis” and “use case points”. Abstract Especially in the field of software engineering, effort estimation plays an essential role. Moreover, the task of defining test scenarios and test cases is often underestimated during the...

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Dictionary Software based on Ajax Frameworks

This paper presents a comparison of Ajax Frameworks suitable for developing web-based dictionary software. Abstract: The necessity for dictionaries cannot be disputed. Although there are a vast variety of them they all follow a basic schema a key-value combination. It is interesting to see that many of the well known...