Author: Matthias Kerstner

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Magento produces duplicate customer EAV entries instead of updating existing ones

In a recent Magento project updating customer entities resulted in duplicate EAV entries instead of updating existing ones. Some of the symptoms of this problem were: Customer attributes not being updated, instead new duplicate entries produced Password reset not working, instead duplicate entries produced Login not working In general,...

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Resize root Partition on Raspbian to use free space

Raspbian comes pre-configured to run on smaller SD cards. Thus, the default partition sizes are generally configured to not exceed 4GB. In case you want to use SD cards larger than 4GB (e.g. 32GB) you will definitely want to use the free unallocated space, right? Luckily, this can be achieved...


Good Bye HTML5 – Welcome HTML5.1!

As you might have already heard the W3C has finally officially published a recommendation for the (15 years old) HTML5 standard. In fact, HTML 5.0 has (co-)existed for quite some time now. Numerous frameworks implemented HTML5 features long before the official recommendation (as usual). And be honest, who hasn’t used...

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PHP Mailing List – Version 1.9.0 Released

Today, version 1.9.0 of PHP Mailing List was released. Due to numerous requests it is now possible to reply to message directly using the reply link attached to messages. In addition, numerous smaller code improvements have been applied. Feel free to download the latest version via GitHub.

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Doctrine 2 Exception EntityManager is closed

Doctrine 2’s EntityManager class will permanently close connections upon failed transactions. Thus, further requests using these closed instances will fail with the following exception: So, make sure to check your EntityManager’s state before your actual tasks: Better, create a function called getEntityManager that takes care of this check and makes...

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Enable Address Fields in Magento Customer Registration Forms

In order to enable address fields in Magento customer registration forms you only need to enable the attribute setShowAddressField. To do so either add the following in your template or in the base local.xml (/app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/local.xml): As always, make sure to reload your cache afterwards. This setting will enable to execution...

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503 Error Back-end server is at capacity AWS ELB

When receiving Back-end server is at capacity 503 errors from your Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) instance in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 be sure to check your HealthyHostCount monitoring setup in the CloudWatch. ELB instances will return 503 errors (apart from other conditions) when your HealthyHostCount monitoring setup has...

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Magento Error ESI processing not enabled

In a recent Magento setup with a Varnish caching server an undefined PHP variable in a template resulted in the error message “ESI processing not enabled“. Due to the undefined PHP variable the underlying Varnish caching server’s Edge-side includes (ESI) capabilities, allowing content assembly by HTTP surrogates through in-markup XML-based...

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Remove Passphrase from SSL Keys

When it comes to generating SSL keys passphrases play an immanent role. They need to be specified when creating SSL keys and are checked each time the key is being used to ensure authorized access. For instance, when starting your Apache web server with a SSL certificate you will need...

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Display localized dates in Magento

Since Magento uses the Zend Framework you are able to use Zend_Date to easily display localized dates in Magento. So, first create a Zend_Date object based on the locale set in the administration backend: Then simply output your date as localized string using Zend_Date->toString: Us usual, find formating rules in...