Author: Matthias Kerstner

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Using Custom Menus in WordPress Themes

If you are creating WordPress themes from scratch and only won’t to include basic features at first enabling custom menus is a good thing to start with. Out of the box new WordPress themes do not support specifying and displaying custom menus, which you might have seen and used through...

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Setting Character Set for Jersey Web Services

When developing RESTful Web services using Jersey you will at some point be forced to define/change the character set and content type of your response. Setting the content type is simply done by using the Produces tag, like so: At this point it comes in handy to know that Jersey...

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Ant Target for Creating JAR Files

Sometimes it comes in handy to have an ANT target for creating JAR files of your project, e.g. to be able to export it to some other location or project. The following code serves as reference to achieve this behavior. It consists of 6 basic steps: call compile target delete...

Implementing a serverside soundmixer using SoX 0

Implementing a serverside soundmixer using SoX

In a recent project the primary goal was to deliver a fully functional soundmixer based on ActionScript and Flash. Users should be able to mix a pre-defined set of sound samples by dropping them onto multiple tracks, as shown in Figure 1. By hitting the record button the samples selected...

Solving error “interactive login denied” in Microsoft Virtual PC running in Windows XP Mode 4

Solving error “interactive login denied” in Microsoft Virtual PC running in Windows XP Mode

If you receive the error “The local security policy does not allow you to log in interactively” when trying to login to a virtual machine instance in Microsoft Virtual PC running in Windows XP mode you simply need to add the target user to the remote desktop user group on...

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Multilanguage support in Silverstripe

Operating interational websites and portals naturally requires multilanguage support and localization. Especially more prominent frameworks provide i18n support right out of the box. One of these is Silverstripe which recently has been released in version 3. This brief article describes the steps required to activate multilanguage support in Silverstripe. First...

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Transfer SMS messages from Nokia to Android devices

Although there exist numerous articles explaining how to transfer SMS messages from Nokia to Android based devices, all of them required many additional programs to work. For this solution you only need to install Nokia PC Suite on your computer and SMS Importer (Lite) on your Android device Once completed,...

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Shortening Strings (URLs) using Base 62 Encoding

Today, there already exist numerous URL shortening services, such as tinyurl,, and many more. Although they are very handy when it comes to shortening URLs in blog posts and articles oftentimes they can’t be used in proprietary software due to certain copyright and usage restrictions. Thus, a vast...

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Setting up ClamAV for Kerio Connect

ClamAV represents a viable alternative to commercial antivirus solutions on the market. Fortunately, Kerio Connect (formerly Kerio Mailserver) offers support for ClamAV out-of-the-box. Nevertheless, it takes some steps in order to manage a working setup that will automatically update the virus database and carry out scheduled checks aside from simply...

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WordPress Plugin for checking Compatibility prior to Upgrade

Like with every good piece of software updates and upgrades are mandatory to keep up-to-date with the latest features and security fixes. Since WordPress offers a vast range of plugins to extend its core functionality these plugins should be kept up-to-date too. Now, to be able to use these plugins...

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Google Maps update fails on HTC smartphone

Recently I wanted to upgrade Google Maps on my HTC Desire running Android 2.3.3. Unfortunately the update kept failing with the following error failed to download update… After several attempts to restart the download process I gave up and restarted the phone and tried again – without success. Then I...

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Custom Zend_Form view script

Sometimes Zend’s built-in form decorators are not flexible enough to achieve customized views. Luckily, Zend provides means to specify custom view scripts. The following example demonstrates how to set and handle such a script. First and foremost, in your default (action) view script simply output the form as usual: Then,...

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Control Zend’s layout rendering and Content-Type specifications

In case you need to return content types other than the one set by server (Apache, etc.) or Zend itself use the following lines to quickly control Zend’s layout rendering and Content-Type specification. This is crucial for instance if your controller is required to return JSON or XML as part...

Magnifying the Universe 0

Magnifying the Universe

Something not programming related but pretty neat indeed. All credits go to Number Sleuth. Copyright 2012. Magnifying the Universe by Number Sleuth.

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Zend_Mail Plugin abstraction class

From time to time it is handy to be able quickly set special options when sending mails using Zend_Mail, such as automatically adding footer text or toggling between HTML and plaintext mails. In order to satisfy these needs I wrote the following simple abstraction class as a wrapper around Zend_Mail.