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Matthias Kerstner, MSc., CSM, CSPO

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I am a technology enthusiast since my first humble steps in the digitized world. Since then I have acquired many years of experience of designing, developing, testing and maintaining software systems based on a wide range of technologies and tools.

As a software engineer I believe that it is essential to also understand the workings of the underlying systems involved, ranging from different hardware setups to enterprise-grade load-balanced networks and their related services. Especially when planing and developing scalable software solutions the infamous acronyms of todays computing terms come into play: IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

Keeping up with the latest technological trends should play an immanent role in the daily business of a software engineer. Buzzwords, such as “Big Data”, “Internet of Things” (IoT), “social computing” or “3D printing” are not just abstract terms but have evolved to become integral parts of our daily lives. The technological and social ecosystems surrounding these terms will be further expanding in the next couple of years. As a consequence, keeping up with existing and evolving technologies in this particular sector is a major task.

Agile Methodologies – SCRUM

Certified Scrum Product Owner CSPOCertified Scrum Master CSMI strongly believe in the power of agile management and agile development. As a Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) I have guided self-organizing Scrum teams in numerous international projects.

I hold a master’s degree in Software Development and Business Management from the Graz University of Technology with a focus on Information Systems and the Internet, as well as Business- and General Management. During my studies I’ve had the chance to meet and work together with great people in various international projects, some of which are still actively maintained.

Currently, I am the CTO at mything an Austrian start-up that works on providing an innovative marketplace for international and customizable 2D/3D design to be locally produced by print shops. Before that I was the CTO of Both Interact GmbH a company offering highly customized solutions in the areas of Search Marketing, Social Marketing and Mobile Marketing to improve Digital Performance, as well as development of custom e-commerce solutions. Also, I’ve had my share as project and technology manager after enjoying almost a decade working as (senior) software engineer and principal technical consultant for various national and international companies as part of numerous large scale projects.

e-Commerce Development and Consulting

Magento eCommerce SoftwareAlthough many e-commerce systems and platforms exist today Magento clearly stands out of the crowd, especially in the open-source arena. Based on its stable and reliant software architecture Magento is one of my preferred choices when it comes to deploying larger scale e-commerce solutions.

Thus, designing, developing and managing larger scale e-commerce systems and related services, including payment gateways, PIM, DAM, ERP and multi-channel marketing solutions are part of the daily business. Deploying large scale e-commerce systems touch the big data barrier which makes it even more exciting and challenging.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Technical search engine optimization (SEO) plays an integral role for online services, especially for e-commerce platforms. Shops and their products want to be found easily and efficiently by potential customers. Keeping up with infrequent but high impact updates from the leaders in the SEO field are crucial to stay ahead.

Conversion optimization by deploying common techniques such as usability optimization on the user side and performance optimization on the server side through caching mechanisms or load-balancing measures are just two other essential aspects of designing, developing and managing e-commerce solutions. Connecting existing e-commerce systems to global marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay to establish multi-channel content publishing solutions extend the scope all the more.

Job-Related Interests

Here are some of my other job-related interests that I believe are also essential in a software engineers daily life (in no real order).

  • Software Engineering & Software Architecture
    • successful software is based on a stable, yet extendable architecture
    • reusability of deployed components plays an immanent role
    • focus on enterprise e-commerce solutions
  • Analytics / Big Data
    • scalability and challenging factors
    • innovative frameworks and tools
    • querying big data interfaces for gaining domain insights
    • analysis and possible tracking of heterogeneous user profiles
  • Usability / UX / Interactive Design
    • good UX software must be able to present users with easy to use functionality
    • collaboration with UX/Interactive Designers is of great importance
    • after all, don’t make me think!
  • Agile Development / Project Management Methodology
    • rapid prototyping as key to quick wins (MVP)
    • iterative approach to quickly adjust to customer needs (PSP)
    • maintain agile development process while still sticking to pre-defined schedules
    • early and continuous customer feedback
    • SCRUM!
  • and many more 😉

Personal Interests

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When I’m not busy…

Apart from my daily business life I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, do sports, eat great food and relax while traveling to other countries.