Solve “Unable to find a sitemap to generate” in Magento

In case you receive the error message

Unable to find a sitemap to generate

when trying to generate a Google Sitemap for an existing entry in Magento make sure to check that the sitemap ID generated is set correctly, i.e. not equal to 0 (zero).

In this particular Magento setup the ID for the first sitemap wrongly was set to 0 on generation via Catalog / Google Sitemap, thus breaking the sitemap generation process through the Generate option: magento-google-sitemap-id-0-unable-to-find-sitemap-to-generate

Correct Sitemap ID in Database

Manually setting the sitemap ID in the database to 1 for the first sitemap solved this problem:

Magento Google Sitemap ID 1 correct


Magento Google Sitemap generated successfully



Still, it’s strange that no error message was displayed when creating the first sitemap entry through Catalog / Google Sitemap.

Has anybody else experienced this behavior?

5 thoughts on “Solve “Unable to find a sitemap to generate” in Magento”

  1. I had the exact same problem for my dashcams store. Magento was returning error saying “Unable To generate Sitemap” .

    First of all i did database maintenance. you can google for a tutorial on how to run magento database maintenance.

    2nd i went to System > Configuration > Developer and Enabled Log in Log settings.
    This log file gets stored in var/log folder.
    I tried to create sitemap again and error log was created. checked log and found that it was SQL error for on of extensions which i had already uninstalled.
    I went to app/etc/modules . I opened .xml file for that extension and replaced word “true” with “false” . It switches off the extension.
    i cleaned cached i.e. deleted everything inside var/cache folder.
    then i tried sitemap generation again and it worked.
    i didall this via cpanel.

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