Automatically clean product texts in Magento

So someone copied text from a PDF document and pasted it into the Magento product description (or short description) text field. Unfortunately, the copied text included non-printable control characters in the Unicode range from \x00—\x1F and \x80-\x9f (e.g. DEL, NUL, VT, etc.) thus breaking other extensions from functioning properly, or prohibiting your data export to work at all. 

Clean product texts extensions to the rescue

The Clean product texts extension helps you to automatically clean your product texts (description and short description) by removing unwanted (invisible) control characters that might cause problems with other extensions or when exporting products. Oftentimes, unwanted characters are copied into product descriptions when copying texts from PDF documents. Since these control characters are not displayed by browsers they cannot be removed manually from Magento’s editor. This extension will check your product texts and automatically remove unwanted characters. Thus, your employees can still copy texts from e.g. PDFs directly into Magento – this extension will take care of removing unwanted characters when saving products.

Simulate Product Cleaning

Furthermore, you can also simulate the process of cleaning product texts by activating the corresponding option in the configuration under General / Simulate.

Log File

In addition this extension enabled you to logs messages to a custom log file that can be specified in the configuration options to your log directory under General / Log File. So you have the option to easily track events handled by this extension and check for possible problems. Feel free to check out the Clean product texts extension on Magento Connect.

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