Linking JIRA to GitHub to streamline agile workflow

In order to automatically track and link the progress of your JIRA issues based on your developers’ commits in your Github repositories make sure to checkout the JIRA DVCS connector addon.

It only takes a few simple steps to link your JIRA projects to your GitHub repositories to streamline your agile workflow, as shown below. First, you’ll need to register a new application for your main GitHub account, in order to generate OAuth tokens required to link JIRA to GitHub:

Generate OAuth tokens in GitHub

Choose JIRA DVCS for the application name and your full base URL of your JIRA cloud-based setup for Homepage URL and Authorization callback URL:

Configuring DVCS connector URL in GitHub Once you’ve registered your new application you will get the OAuth tokens (client ID and client secret) required by the JIRA DVCS connector:

Configure DVCS connector using OAuth tokens in GitHub

Now that you have your OAuth tokens it’s time to setup the JIRA DVCS connector. Thus, open the Administration > Source Control > DVCS Accounts tab in JIRA and select Link BitBucket or GitHub account:

Link JIRA DVCS to GitHub using OAuth tokens

There you’ll need to enter the OAuth tokens generated in GitHub:

Link JIRA DVCS to GitHub using OAuth tokens

Feel free to select Auto Link New Repositories and Enable Smart Commits when needed. Once you’ve added the tokens you get a list of your authorized GitHub repositories (public and private, depending on the permissions chosen for the GitHub application) that are now available to JIRA:

Checking available GitHub repositories from within JIRA DVCS


Final Step

The last thing to do is to check that your developers have the proper rights for the View Development Tools permission:

Setting View Development Tools permission in GitHub

Now that everything is set up properly remind your developers to use the JIRA issue ID in the commit messages so that the JIRA DVCS connector is able to automatically assign commits to your issues.

Further reading is available here: Streamlining your development with JIRA.

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