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Doctrine 2 Exception EntityManager is closed

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Doctrine 2’s EntityManager class will permanently close connections upon failed transactions. Thus, further requests using these closed instances will fail with the following exception:

Doctrine\\ORM\\ORMException' with message 'The EntityManager is closed.

So, make sure to check your EntityManager’s state before your actual tasks:

if (!$entityManager->isOpen()) {
  $entityManager = $entityManager->create(
    $entityManager->getConnection(), $entityManager->getConfiguration());

Better, create a function called getEntityManager that takes care of this check and makes sure that you always get a viable instance of EntityManager to work with:

private static function getEntityManager() {
  if (!self::$entityManager->isOpen()) {
    self::$entityManager = self::$entityManager->create(
      self::$entityManager->getConnection(), self::$entityManager->getConfiguration());

  return self::$entityManager;

So you can use:

self::$entityManager = self::getEntityManager();

Thats’s it.

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