Installing Android KitKat on HTC Desire

As shown in Installing Android Jelly Beans on HTC Desire Bravo you are able to install Android Jelly Beans on your HTC Desire by following a few simple steps. Thanks to Chromium, you are also able to install Android KitKat on your HTC Desire using a ROM called Beanstalk. The currently latest version 6 is based on Android 4.4.4 and offers great improvements (speed, memory handling, battery lifetime, etc.) over JellyBeans. In order to install this ROM you can follow all steps explained in the post Installing Android Jelly Beans on HTC Desire Bravo.

The steps needed are:

  1. root your device
  2. prepare your SD card
  3. deploy the ROM and Google Apps to your SD card
  4. install KitKat ROM
  5. optionally set up Mount2sd for better memory handling

Be sure to check Chromium’s XDA developers Beanstalk release page. Enjoy!

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