Web-based KeePass(X) Management Tool

KeePass and KeePassX are almost perfect tools when it comes to storing passwords and other sensitive information. Almost, since these tools currently only work offline and do not expose command line options out of the box. Since I want to access certain information on the road I was searching for ways to access KeePass and KeePassX via web interfaces. Unfortunately, I was unable to find suitable solutions that provided ways to directly interact with the underlying .kdb(x) databases.

Consequently, one of my next projects will be the create a web-based management tool to access KeePass and KeePassX databases. You can track the current status via GitHub. Feel free to leave suggestions for possible features, etc.

6 thoughts on “Web-based KeePass(X) Management Tool”

  1. David Pierson

    Hi Matthias,
    Have a look at
    This offers a read-only access to your kdbx – perfect for when on the road and in need of a password.

    Especially if like me, you are reluctant to keep your kdbx on your phone, given how easy it is to lose a phone. Am I overly paranoid ?

  2. Hi David,
    thanks for your comment and the link to KeePassPHP. I’ve already had a look at this solution which works great for read-only access. But, as always I strive for a complete solution, meaning read and write access – and no, you are not overly paranoid 😉

  3. Hello,

    Is your project is still alive (because it is a nice project!) ? There is only the ReadMe on Github 🙁

    1. Hey, sorry for my late reply. No, not at the moment I’m afraid. Have you tried the link provided by David? I will try to give this project another shot – stay posted for an update. Cheers

  4. Another workaround that you can think of, is use an client for .kdbx files on your smartphone, and keep the file on sync via dropbox.

    1. Hey, thanks, yes that’s definitely an option. But keep in mind that your .kdbx file will then be placed in a (potentially) public cloud… I was thinking of a simple solution to be able to put your .kdbx file in at least your (private) owncloud share. Cheers

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