Unfortunately, Android keyboard (AOSP) has stopped on Android

In case you run into the problem of Android displaying the error “Unfortunately, Android keyboard (AOSP) has stopped“, thus robbing you the possibility to enter text in any form (short messages, emails, URLs in browser, etc.).

Simply follow these steps to get rid of it:

  1. Open up the menu
  2. navigate to Settings
  3. open Apps
  4. open option All
  5. find app Android keyboard (AOSP)
  6. choose option Clear data
  7. find app Dictionary Provider
  8. again choose option Clear data

That’s it! The error should be gone, enjoy!

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47 Responses

  1. benaya says:

    I followed the steps but nothing has changed. Please help me.I use a huawei ascend p6.


    Open up the menu

    navigate to Settings

    open Apps

    open option All

    find app Android keyboard (AOSP)

    choose option Clear data

    find app Dictionary Provider

    again choose option Clear data

  2. Hi benaya,
    sorry for the late reply. Which Android version are you using? Did you try to “force stop” both processes and then clear the data and cache? If not please do so. Cheers

    • Reynante Juntilla says:

      I did all the process that u have been provided, but suddenly nothing happens.. do i need to wait a couple of minute for the results? Please help..

    • Baller says:

      I now this was for benaya but I used that tactic and I couldn’t press the cache and it still didn’t work.

  3. Manohar says:

    Hello Matthias,

    I’ve installed the ROM – JellyTime 4.3 Beta 6

    I have cleared the data for the app Android keyboard (AOSP)

    But, I don’t see the app Dictionary Provider on the All Apps page, rather I see “User Dictionary”. But, ‘Clear Data’ button is disabled for this App. I clicked on ‘Force Stop’. But, nothing changed. The phone is showing same pop-up “Unfortunately, Android keyboard (AOSP) has stopped on Android “…

    Please help me in resolving this issue.


    • Hi Manohar,
      since you are using a different ROM settings might differ in your setup. Either way, try searching for processes starting with com.android.inputmethod.XXX in the process list. Your ROM might not show you the pretty name of the process. Hope that helps. Cheers

  4. Saya sudahh mengikuti langkah” tsb, akan tetapi tetap saja tidak bsa mengetik walaupun kata “sayangnya keyboard AOSP telah bberhenti” sudah hilang… Tolong solusinya gg bsa ngetik nihhh 🙁

  5. kellogs says:

    Worked, thank you.

  6. Johnny Myrberg says:

    Thanks for the information!

    Worked fine on at low budget Android tablet. There were no clues in the provided manual. I was to wipe all information and reset to factory default, but run into serious problems, when the tablet asked me to type my PIN code before it would finish the task:(.

    Johnny Myrberg, Sweden

  7. Luis says:

    It worked, thanks!

  8. Yuharein says:

    Thank you – it worked, but only after a while (Disable the apps, then Enable it back again).

  9. Ioannis Vrellis says:

    Thank you! It worked!

  10. Kourosh says:

    I’ve done all of the above, step by step, as u said, but unfortunately nothing have changed.
    I have Asus Padfone Infinity New. I don’t know what to do. Error just keeps popping, no matter what I do!
    I’ve done force stop, clear cache and disabling…
    yet error keeps coming!

  11. Kourosh says:

    Reset app preferences in settings/apps and everything goes away!

  12. Mahi says:

    Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  13. Starlight says:

    Thanks, really worked!

  14. Debra Radden says:

    Using Nobis Internet tablet NB09, have reset tablet already, there is no Menu to to go to to start your fix. Tablet just goes to “Go” screen and nothing else happens. Is there a step that I am missing? Sorry problem is that I only can get “Unfortunately, the process android, process acore has stopped.”

  15. victoria says:

    just tried the steps above but the problem has still persisted displaying ” unfortunately, Android keyboard (AOSP) has stopped”
    dont know what else to do
    kindly help

  16. serg says:

    top man, worked first time, many thanks

  17. mubeeza says:

    I have disabled it but still I cannot text! this is frustrating….how do I enable it because I cannot find the android keyboard and dictionary under apps anymore?

  18. Reich says:

    first i have tried the clear date on android keyboard and dictionary provider, nothing happens and the error still pop but when i RESET APP PREFERENCES its gone and my android keyboard is back, thanks everybody for the help

    • Andrew says:

      YOU are the man! Thanks for the tip, it worked!!!

    • Blaney says:

      Where did you find app preferences?! Have tried all other tips but no outcome. Hoping resetting app preferences will fix but can’t seem to find it!

  19. Miks says:

    what happens if the android key board app disappears?

  20. DJ says:

    This worked for me!
    1.Disable android keyboard
    2.Disable dictionary provider
    3.Clear data android keyboard
    4.Clear data dictionary provider
    5.Enable android keyboard
    6.Enable dictionary provider

  21. Mark H. says:

    I’m getting all seven “has stopped” messages, so I can’t enter any intsructions.
    “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped.”
    “Unfortunately, Google Partner Setup has stopped.”
    “Unfortunately, Exchange Services has stopped.”
    “Unfortunately, the Process com.google.process.gapps has stopped.”
    “Unfortunately, Andriod Keyboard (AOSP) has stopped.”
    “Unfortunately,Email has stopped.”
    “Unfortunately, Launcher has stopped.”
    I’ve tried to do a re-set, but I’m not certain what I should have seen.

  22. mikel obiii says:

    cool site. For the one that the keyboard and dictionary have dissapeared, scroll down to the bottom you will find them there. Enable all the application you have disabled…. There you go. Thanks alot….

  23. Vektor says:

    Thanks!!! This save my life! I was cleaning Android Keyboard data but Dictionary cleaning fix the problem!

  24. Taavi says:

    Thank you, saved my day.

  25. abbiy says:

    Very nice..!!Thanks it helps lot..

  26. Vukati says:

    Thank you so much, after three weeks without texting it worked.

  27. Neha says:

    BINGO … It really worked…. was sucked up with the error .

  28. KALAKAAR says:

    thanks to all.

    i was in troble and very disappointed when my phone keyboard is not working.
    You guys have given solution of that.

    thanks again.

  29. Prexylito Ysatam says:

    Thank you so much Master Matthias Kerstner, I owe you my life. I thought i need to flash my phone ArcMobile Android TV403D Android 4.2.2. because of your help my phone KB is working again. Your the Man.

  30. Varun Krishna says:

    Yellow everyone.. just forcestop the keyboard app and download emoji keyboard in other phone and send that apk to your phone.. install it and select emoji keypad in input preferences.. done

  31. Darrel Knutson says:

    Unfortunately I could not get this fix to work on my ZTE 665C phone. I turned it off and on and tried every combination but kept getting the same error. I finally tried to disable both the Android keyboard App and the Dictionary App. This worked but now I do not have any keyboard. I can not locate any means of enabling these two apps.

  32. Jerry says:

    This worked for me!
    1.Disable android keyboard
    2.Disable dictionary provider
    3.Clear data android keyboard
    4.Clear data dictionary provider
    5.Enable android keyboard
    6.Enable dictionary provider

  33. Asvene Sharma says:

    Hi I am using ASUS phone model ASUS_ZOOADA Android version 5.0.
    My phone is showing popup “Unfortunately, ASUS keyboard has stopped”

    I tried the above solution given by you, but this is not working and the problem is still continued.

    Please help!

  34. Archie Dahili says:

    Im using MyPhone My76 DTV, I tried to clear data but nothing change… Help me please 🙏

  35. wasim shaikh says:

    I am using htc one same problem tried your steps but not working

  36. mel says:

    been doing it over and over again but still nothing…i have a verizon 4G samsung…..

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