Problem activating Wireless USB adapter (WN727N) under Windows 7 64bit

Recently I ran into the problem of setting up a Wireless USB adapter (TP-Link WN727N V3) under Windows 7 x64. Although the driver installation went smoothly it failed to activate. Running the built-in diagnostics tool revealed that the driver (netr28ux.sys) failed to bind the IP stack.

Luckily I remembered that I’ve had a similiar problem in the past which was related to ZoneAlarm blocking newly installed devices. So, long story short I removed ZoneAlarm completely, re-installed the wireless drivers, rebooted and voilà – the wireless USB device was activated successfully.

Now since I don’t want to rely on Windows’ built-in firewall I re-installed ZoneAlarm keeping in mind that the shiny new wireless USB adapter should be activated during the installation. Everything worked out as expected.

So, be sure to remove ZoneAlarm is case you are unable to activate new (wireless) networking adapters. For security reasons, re-install it afterwards 😉

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3 Responses

  1. raghuveer says:

    hi.i am installed the found new hardware wizard by mistake.therefore i was unable to activate that .plz help me to remove that….

    • Hi raghuveer,
      you then need to remove your drivers manually via the device manager. Select the properties tab for the correct device entry from the list and navigate the “Remove drivers” option. Be sure to unplug the adapter before so that the hardware wizard does not start up immeditialy again afterwards. Hope that helps. Cheers

  2. Krishanu Banerjee says:

    Thanks a lot Matthias , yes it worked only after uninstalling ZonAlarm.

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