Web Interface for SMS Server Tools 3

I have been using SMS Server Tools 3 (smsd) for numerous projects in the past due to its stability and configurability. Since smsd does not provide a graphical UI out-of-the-box I have decided to develop a web interface for users to be able to manage their SMS data, much like an e-mail application, called SMS Server Tools Web Interface. Currently, there is no release available yet. Nevertheless, if you are interested in this project either check back at a later time or subscribe to the github project. Also, please note that at this point I cannot estimate when an initial version will be released.

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Matthias,

    What’s the current status of the Web Interface for SMS Server Tools?

    I would be willing to do some beta testing if you have code in state that you could share it for beta testing.

    • Hi Jussi,
      the web interface for SMS Server Tools was recently integrated into a commercial product, so I’m afraid that I can’t publish it after all. Nevertheless, in the meantime another pretty good open source alternative has emerged: playsms. Maybe you want to check it out? Sorry for the bad news. Hope that helps though. Cheers

  2. Jimmy Ray says:


    What is the name of the commercial product you integrated the web interface for SMS Server Tools in.

    I’m interested in buying.


  3. Erwin says:

    hello mathias
    are you still not having permission to publish your solution for the SMS GUI ?
    or did you sell it to teltonika (litauen)

    brg Erwin from austria

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