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Transfer SMS messages from Nokia to Android devices

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Although there exist numerous articles explaining how to transfer SMS messages from Nokia to Android based devices, all of them required many additional programs to work. For this solution you only need to install

  1. Nokia PC Suite on your computer and
  2. SMS Importer (Lite) on your Android device

Once completed, follow these steps to transfer your SMS messages from your Nokia to your Android device.

Update: The company behind SMS Importer (Secomba GmbH) obviously removed the Lite version from the Play Store. So you can either buy the โ€œproโ€ version or try to download a previous version from e.g. Please have a look at the comments below where to find the APK.

The Process

  1. In Nokia PC Suite open Nokia Communication Center and mark all messages you want to export (e.g. in Inbox)
  2. Export messages as CSV file using File -> Export and use CSV as file type

The following shows an examplary line of the CSV export file:

"sms","READ,RECEIVED","+SENDER_PHONE_NR","","","2012.08.02 05:54","","MESSAGE"

Ensure that the resulting CSV file is UTF-8 encoded. Do so by opening it with your favorite editor (e.g. Notepad++) and save it as UTF-8 content.

  1. Save CSV export file to your Android device on SD-card, without subfolders, e.g. /sdcard/sms.csv
  2. Install SMS Importer (Lite) on target Android device
  3. Configure SMS Importer (Lite) using the following settings:
    • in Main window
      • Folder: Inbox (or Sent depending on the messages you exported from Nokia PC Suite)
      • Source type: Custom
      • File: /sdcard/sms.csv
    • in Advanced preferences:
      • File format: CSV
      • in CSV Settings (double check structure with your CSV file!):
        • Encoding: utf8
        • Seperator: ;
        • Quote character:
        • Skip lines: 0
        • Sender position: 3
        • Date position: 6
        • Date format: yyyy.MM.dd HH:mm
        • Body position: 8
  4. Back in Main screen hit Menu button and start import


If you receive an “an unexpected error occurred” message on import check the advanced CSV settings again and ensure correct UTF-8 encoding as well. The SMS Importer Lite version is limited to 100 messages during import. If you have more than 100 messages (like me) simply split initial CSV file and start the same process for each file.

38 thoughts on “Transfer SMS messages from Nokia to Android devices

  1. This tutorial really works for me
    thank you very much for the time you spend for creating this post
    really appreciate it!

    1. You are welcome, I’m glad this was useful for you. Cheers

      1. please explain how to split csv file. i have 150,000 sms

        1. Hi subhan,
          you can use the split command in the shell:

          split -l 500 all all

          will for example split your file after 500 lines.

          Hope that helps.

  2. Link to SMS Importer (Lite) gives me 404… ๐Ÿ™

    1. Hi marsjaninzmarsa,

      thanks for the feedback. It seems that the company behind SMS Importer (Secomba GmbH) removed the Lite version from the Play Store… So you can either buy the “pro” version or have a look if you can find the Lite version somewhere ( Cheers

  3. You sire are a like saver ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you and happy new year…

    would appreciate if you can put the importer link in the main article

    thanks again ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. Hey Yast,

      I’m glad it was useful for you. I’ve added the link in the main article as requested. I too wish you a happy new year ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. came across at least 8-10 methods of doing this task…by far this is the simplest and easiest one! thanks a ton…

    1. Hi Siddharth,

      thanks for the feedback. Cheers

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this.

    It has helped me migrate my wife’s work SMS to her Android phone.

    I wish I had this information a year ago when I also migrated from Nokia to Android. I couldn’t migrate my SMS back then. Wasnt that important for me but it is for my wife’s.

    Thank you so much again, Matthias. You’re a life saver!


    1. Hi Peter,

      I’m glad this was helpful for you ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for the feedback.


  6. Hi, Matthias
    I`m late
    Not working also ๐Ÿ™
    Any ideas where I could find previous SMS Importer (Lite) version

    1. Hi Arna,

      I’ve just tested the “Direct Download Link” on the page linked in this post – it still works. On the page linked you need to click “Skip” in the right upper corner. Cheers

      1. Matthias,
        It`s working!
        ะขhank you very much! Vielen Dank!

        1. Glad I could help ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers

  7. hello,

    it’s showing an unexpected error occurred. i’ve also checked your not “If you receive an โ€œan unexpected error occurredโ€ message on import check the advanced CSV settings again and ensure correct UTF-8 encoding as well.” still not getting solved.

  8. Hey Matthias, thanks for this guide.
    I’ve spent hours trying to sort this and seem to be stuck in the exact same place as Sagar. Can you help?

    1. Hi Sagar and Psyzz,

      sorry for the late response. Please ensure that the order of the data columns exported via Nokia Communication Center match the settings used for SMS Lite exactly. Also make sure that the date format used matches. I believe the problem is caused by at least one column not match the import rules. If this does not work feel free to post an exemplary line of your export so it’s easier to double check for possible problems.

      Hope that helps. Cheers

      1. Another possible error source is invalid encoded data in the import file. Thus, be sure when manually editing your export file to use an editor that can handle UTF-8 encoded data properly, such as Notepad++.

  9. still unexpected eror after doing all settings and also checked columns etc too

    1. Hi varun,

      sorry that it doesn’t work for you. I can only kindly ask you to post some exemplary export data to check for possible errors. Cheers

  10. It is showing , even when i double checked advanced CSV settings. My data is in the following format. could you please help me with it ?
    “sms”,”READ,RECEIVED”,”Sender’s number”,””,””,”2012.05.27 22:49″,””,”message body”

    1. Hi avdhoot,

      the export syntax seems just fine. Please double check that all phone numbers are in international format, e.g. +COUNTRY… Secondly, please ensure that no header line is present in the export file and that it is properly UTF-8 encoded (see comments above).

      Also maybe try to change your Android’s phone locale to en_US when importing the contacts, to rule out any possible errors when dealing with multiple locales.

      Hope that helps.


    2. Hi advhoot,
      I have exactly the same problem, as yours (SMS importer does not see my .csv export file). Have you resolved this? If so, can you share the solution with me? Many thx in advance!

  11. Finally!!! my problems were solve. Thank you so much for this post.. I really, really appreciated it… I Have imported over 1000 messages to my android phone ๐Ÿ˜† with just 1 click…

    1. I’m glad this was useful for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hi man, i cant find SMS Importer (Lite).
    Can you please help me? give a link or something..

    Ive tried a few month now to move my sms from my old nokia phone, and didnt work. So i hope ur method will work! please help!

    Best Regards

    1. Hi Martin,

      please have a look at my response to Arna on where to find the apk.


  13. Just great!
    Muchas gracias!

  14. Hi,

    In my HTC desire I am not getting a start import button. any idea?

    1. Hi Neha,
      that’s something I’ve not experienced so far. Have you tried reinstalling the app?

  15. hi,
    I’m using lenovo A390. but only ‘preview & import’ button available in the menu. and when I press it, ‘error the file could not be found. please change the file location to point to valid file’ message shown. do you have any suggestion?

    1. Hi vash,
      there is only one button labeled “Preview & Import” available in this app, so that’s OK. Please make sure that the CSV file to import exists at the file location specified via the option “File”, e.g. /sdcard/sms.csv. Hope that helps. Cheers

  16. Please I can not download the software sms importre please help direct Lick

    1. Hi alaa,
      I’m sorry it seems like the APK link provided in the blog post is not available anymore. You still might find the lite version somewhere on the internet. Sorry, but I do not provide a direct link here anymore. Good luck!

  17. Hi Matthias,
    Following link giving error: Blog has been removed

  18. Thanks a lot, it works!!! The only programm that works for me, after 2 days of searching finaly find what I need. All fine except 100 sms limitation in lite version. But anyway, thanks.

    PS. Matthias, the link you posted show 404 not found page(SMS Importer (Lite) on your Android device,this link and another you posted below ), so I google it and download it.

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