PHP Mailing List

A simple mailing list manager written in PHP.

Using PHP Mailing List you can easily set up mailing lists with unlimited number of users. Messages can be sent using the web interface and will be broadcasted by PHP Mailing List to all list members. Members can be added/removed from lists via the web interface too.

Also, PHP Mailing List offers the possibility to retrieve a list of members. Actions such as adding/removing and approving members is automatically handled by PHP Mailing List through confirmations emails. Furthermore, if an admin account email is set it will be notified of any changes made to the lists.

Spam protection is achieved through the use of a captcha widget included in the web interface. Moreover, member email addresses are shown only partially to avoid harvesting attacks.

Functionality Overview

PHP mailing list provides the following core functionality:

  1. subscribe: Add members to a mailing list via form.php
  2. unsubscribe: Remove subscribed members from a mailing list
  3. authorize: Authorize a subscription request
  4. send message: Send messages to all members of a mailing list

Download: phpMailingList on GitHub

UPDATE: Due to numerous requests I’ve moved the source code to GitHub. Please check the Github repository for the latest version.


  1. Edit config.ini to your needs.
  2. Edit form.php, members.php and error.php to your needs.
  3. Be sure to set correct permissions for the lists-directory set in config.ini.
  4. Test your installation by creating a list, e.g.: lists/mylist/
  5. Call index.php?list=mylist to use your shiny new mailing list. Hint: In case you get write permission errors be sure to set the correct permissions for the lists-directory (and any subdirectories andfiles).


Everything you need (or can) configure can be found in config/config.ini. You are free to customize form.php and members.php to your needs. Make sure to leave the core input fields “as-is”.

7 thoughts on “PHP Mailing List”

  1. Well, I expect that your mailing list PHP script would be awesome but when I just upload the whole script on my site it gives me error that:

    Sorry, your request could not be processed.

    If you solve this issue for me then I’ll do my best to write about your script on my site. But unfortunately it’s not working please help.

    1. Hi Dilawer, could you please tell me more about your setup (OS, PHP version). Also please send the URL parameters you are using to access your mailing list. Also, make sure to check your log file (see config.ini). Thanks for the feedback! Cheers

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  6. Well I am having problem with the php mailing script .
    Sorry, your request could not be processed.
    I still not understand what to do please kindly some one can help ?

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