Dynamic Website Template

A simple template-based script for dynamic websites written in PHP. Download: N/A Installation Unpack the zip file in your webserver directory (eg. /home/you/www/) Edit config.php to your needs. Copy all your content files (files you want to be dynamically loaded) into the your PATH_CONTENT directory, which is /home/you/www/content/ by default. … Continue reading


A collection of (simple) text manipulation functions written in C++ based on the .Net framework. It has been developed as an additional tool in the course of my master thesis at the Graz University of Technology. You can specify an arbitrary amount of source text (.txt) files to work with.  … Continue reading

Software Test Effort Estimation Methods

This paper discusses current software test effort estimation methods, in particular “function point analysis”, “test point analysis” and “use case points”. BibTex Citation: Download: Software_Test_Effort_Estimation_Methods_Kerstner_2011.pdf Download Presentation: Softwaretechnology_SW_Test_Effort_Estimation_Methods_KerstnerMatthias.odp